Beauty Tip #7 Use Essential Oils

Do you want a more natural alternative to your skin care? Try incorporating Essential Oils.  My favorites are Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and Grapeseed Oil.   I purchase these from the Vitamin Shop, but they are also available at Whole Foods Grocery Store and other natural/holistic stores.


Here are my top 3 ways to use these products.

  1. Make Up Remover.  Jojoba Oil is fantastic for removing make up.  Just a tiny bit goes a long way.  It works to get rid of the toughest eye make up without burning my eyes.  This would be similar to using M.A.C. Cleanse Off Oil, which actually contains some Jojoba.
  2. Moisturizer.  All three oils mentioned above work well to moisturize the skin, hair, and scalp.  Avocado Oil & Grapeseed oil are a bit more moisturizing to me so I don’t mix them in moisturizers for my skin.  I do combine all three of these oils with my African Black Soap with a tad of water so that it’s no longer a solid.  My face always feels so nice and soft afterwards.  At night, I mix Jojoba Oil with either my M.A.C. Oil Control Lotion or Dr. Denese Hydroshield Dream Cream.  Surprisingly my face is not oily in the morning.  I consider Jojoba Oil my “miracle oil”. Ha ha! 🙂
  3. Addition to Foundation.  If you want to add a bit more moisture to your liquid foundation, you can add a tiny bit of one of these and mix it before applying to your skin.  You will get a hydrated, healthy glowing skin finish.


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