Beauty Tip #6 Cosmetic Counter Sanitation

Even though most workers try their best to keep the products as clean as possible, they can’t watch customers 24/7.  It’s important for you to take your own precautions when trying on products.

Below are my Top 5 Cosmetic Counter Sanitation Tips.

  1. NEVER pick up a product and apply it directly to your skin!!  You should always sanitize the products first.  Even if you use a disposable wand or sponge, the actual product should be cleaned first.
  2. Do not “double dip” in liquid products.  This would include but not limited to mascara and lipgloss.  Always use fresh disposables to apply these products.
  3. After using the products, be kind and clean it before placing it back on the display unit.
  4. Clean your hands and make sure the make up artist cleans his or her hands before touching your face.
  5. Throw away disposables don’t leave them on the counter.


These are just my top 5, this is not an all inclusive list of sanitation procedures.  This list was just intended to help you and your make up artist have a more pleasurable experience. 🙂

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