Beauty Tip #3 Blending

I’m sure you have heard make up artists say over and over again that make up looks better when it’s blended properly.  Keep in mind, everyone has their own style, but blending will give you a more professional and clean effect.

Here are a 3 tips for a pretty blended look.

  1. When holding your brushes, push your hand farther back away from the hair. If you hold your hand really close to the hair, you tend to press down a lot harder.  A softer approach provides a more blended look.  Too much pressure causes the skin to tug and prevents a smooth application.
  2. Make sure the colors fade into one another so you can’t see exactly where one stops and the other begins.
  3. Step back and look at what you’re working on to gauge what needs to be blended.

Have fun blending!!!

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What are your tips for preventing colors from becoming muddy from too much blending?

Hey Jenn!

It could be a couple of things. Could be that the brush is too big for the area. Could be the technique of you applying too much pressure and needing a softer approach. Could be the products and color combos. Hope this helps. 🙂

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