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My name is LeRenda and I’m a Professional Freelance Make-Up Artist and a Beauty Blogger.  My freelance business is called Beauty By LeRenda.  I service the greater Houston Area.  I’ve been doing make-up for 9 years.  I started out as a consultant with Clinique inside of a Macy’s department Store in 2007.  I stayed with Clinique for over two years before working with M.A.C. where I currently am employed as a freelance/on-call make-up artist.   While I was working for Clinique, I learned so much.  This was my very first make-up job.  I look at it now as the foundation and stepping stone that prepared me to be able to work for M.A.C. and have my own freelance business.  I gained most of my knowledge about skin care and ingredients in products from working with Clinique.  I also learned how to apply make-up to people of all different skin tones, how to identify different skin concerns, and apply the appropriate make-up to address my clients’ needs.

I wore M.A.C. before I began working for Clinique so I was pretty familiar with the company.  It was definitely more popular among my friends and family than Clinique was.  I was so intrigued on how the make-up artists were able to achieve flawless make-up and amazingly creative faces without the conservative restrictions that Clinique had set up.  When I found out about an opening at Dillard’s I jumped at the chance to apply.  I worked there for 1 1/2 year before going to the freelance/on-call team.  While working with M.A.C., I was able to really find my niche in the make-up world.  I became a TRUE make-up artist not just a skin care consultant/sales associate who happens to do make as well.   My skills were greatly enhanced and I became more confident in my artistry.  This led to me wanting to seriously pursue my own freelance business.  Every week I would miss out on freelance jobs because I had to work at the counter each weekend.  My schedule was set up to only work week nights and weekends because I have a full-time job that doesn’t allow me to work during the weekdays.  I knew I was missing out on too many opportunities.  I didn’t want to continue missing out.

In Feb 2011, Royal Beauty Designs freelance make-up was created.  I started updating my blog Royal Beauty Designs on a consistent basis in March 2011 to chronicle my experiences.  I also became more active in engaging in social media outlets.  As of now, I’m still learning and constantly growing.  I completed an Airbrush Certification class in July 2011.  In Oct 2011 I changed the name of my freelance business from Royal Beauty Designs to Beauty By LeRenda to really market my name as my brand.  I have an array of makeup experience and I’ve done makeup across the country.  Some of my work includes retail, music video, trade shows,  fashion shows, bridal, girls night out, special occasion, and assisting celebrity makeup artists. I know that a lot is in store for me as make-up artist.  I will continue to put my best foot forward and work hard to reach my goals.

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I'm impressed, that's what happens when a person dare to do what they enjoy.

Thank you Jackie! I'm grateful for your support and positivity. 🙂

So Proud of you Lerenda! Love your blog girl!

Awww, thank you so much Kyndal!! I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment.

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How much do you charge for a prom make up?

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