7 Ways to Prepare for a Make Over

I’ve noticed over the years that so many people are uninformed on how to prepare for a make over.  As a client/customer there are certain things you can do before getting your make up done to help you have a great experience.

1.  Make Skin Care a Priority

  • Cleanse your skin and make sure all make up is washed off.
  •  You’d be surprised how many women have come to me for make          overs with make up still on from the day before.  That’s wrong on so    many levels.
  • Get in the habit of a good skin care regimen.  Your make up will look so much better on a nice canvas. 🙂
2.  Have eyebrows already arched a few days before the make over
  • Most make up artists are not licensed to remove hair and there’s only so much we can do with concealer to hide stubble and carve out your brow shape.
  • If you get your eyebrows waxed/threaded right before your make over, your skin will still be irritated.
  • Waxing changes the texture of your skin.  This prevents the make up from adhering properly
3.  Exfoliate and moisturize both your skin and lips.
  • If possible, exfoliate your skin prior to the make over to declog your pores and to polish the skin so that the make up lays smoothly and gives you a more flawless effect.
  • Don’t forget to treat your lips.  It’s very difficult to apply liner and lipstick to dry and cracked lips.  Even if the make up artist applies primer/conditioner the application won’t be as pretty if the lips are too dry.  Exfoliate the night before and put conditioner on your lips before going to sleep.  When you awake, you’ll notice how good your lips feel.  You’ll also notice how easy the lip color glides on to your lips.

4.  Have an idea of the look you want done

  • It’s helps the make up artist create a look that’s more pleasing to you if you are able to communicate what you want
  • Have a picture if  you aren’t sure how to describe the look.
5.  Have realistic expectations
  • If you do have a magazine picture of a model/celebrity, keep in mind that most of them are photoshopped and the person really didn’t look like that in real life.  This is unfortunate because it misleads so many people
  • Keep in mind that there are different facial features that cause looks to appear differently.  What you’re requesting may be applied the same but not look exactly the same
  • Please know that most make up artists work extremely hard to fulfill your requests, however he/she is no miracle worker.  There are limitations to what can be done with make up and getting you to look just like someone else.  Everyone will NOT look like Kim Kardashian with a smokey eye.
6.  Set aside time for the make over to be complete
  • No one likes to be rushed.  This is true for both the client/customer as well as the make up artist.   Keep in mind that make up is art.  Art sometimes takes time.
  • You can’t expect the make up artist to do a dramatic look with false lashes, highlight/contour, cover blemishes and scars, do a bold lip, and fill in brows in 15 mins.  At least set aside an hour.  It may not take a full hour, but you will have planned ahead just in case.  This is ESPECIALLY true if you are getting your make up done at a counter.  It’s a given that the make up artist will have to step away from time to time.  This may extend your make over.
7.  Don’t stress.  It’s just make up.
  • If you don’t like it, you can just wipe it off and try something else. 🙂

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These are really great tips! Especially about having a realistic expectation with how it will turn out from a photo.

Thank you Madamebfatale! I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment. 🙂

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