6 Reasons Why I LOVE My New Cargo Laguna Blush

I posted a look using my new Cargo Laguna Blush but I wanted to really reiterate just how much I’m in love with this product.  In one word, I’d describe this blush as MARVELOUS! I can’t believe I waited so long to get it.  I have a couple of other coral/orange blushes, but nothing like this one.  
Do you see this color? OMG!! 
  1. Wonderful quality!!  This blush is full of pigment and will definitely last me for a couple of years before I hit pan.  
  2. I like that it’s packaged in a unique tin container unlike any of my other blushes.  
  3. It’s perfectly matte!!! This is such a bonus for someone like me who’s extremely oily.  I can have a pretty cheek color without looking overly shiny/frosty/greasy.
  4. Because of the perfect mixture of coral and orange, it’s great for any season.  I’m not just limited to wearing it as a Summer blush. Woo Hoo!
  5. Even though it appears very bold and bright, it goes on so smooth.
  6. It blends seamlessly with other blushes for the power of 3 effect. (highlight, blush, contour)

Here’s a swatch of it.  This color is so gorgeous!
Here I used Cargo with Nars Albatross highlighter blush and contoured with Cover Girl Queen Collection Ebony Bronze. I really love this look. It makes a statement without being too over the top. I have glow, color, and dimension without frost and shimmer.

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Thanks for the review, I definitely need it, I have Exhibit A and R&R X-Rated so I might as well get the Laguna. I bet it'll look pretty with Nars Luster Highlighter, have you tried that one?

Hey Lily! No problem. I can't say enough how spectacular this blush is. You won't regret getting Laguna.

I'm still new to Nars. I just bought 3 blushes during their 20% off sale a couple weeks ago. I'll be posting a review on them as well, just hadn't gotten to it yet. I actually made my decision based on your post of Nars blushes. I knew without a doubt I wanted Taj Majal b/c I've heard WOC rave about it for years. I've heard a few people mention Exhibit A as well. I just wasn't sure what else I wanted. I almost bought Luster Highlighter, but took it out of my cart at the last minute. I was prepping for vacay and didn't want to over spend. 🙁 Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not that familiar with Rock and Republic. I've seen their products on sale on Hautelook, but I've never purchased them. I usually hear people talk about their lipglosses. You're the 1st person I've seen mention their blushes. I may have to check that one out.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. 🙂

Ahhh this makes me want to venture into Cargo land even more. I find myself looking more and more for matte blushes as well. The color looks SO gorgeous on you!

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Love the color!

Thanks so much for commenting on my Blog about my Granddaughter and also Fashion Fair. I will definitely try and keep the Blogersphere informed about what Sam Fine brings to table.

R&R has discontinued their cosmetics line, there was so much annomosity within the company that it caused them to shut down their makeup line. I got the two that I have before that and now they only sell on Hautelook.

I love watching you younger generation beauties because it keep me on my A-game… gotta keep looking good as we age gracefully!

Shh! I have never tried Cargo Cosmetics. LOL! It's on my list. Thank you for the post and the swatch and lovely photos! x

I used to own like one Cargo blush, they are great!

@Jenn Staz,

Thanks. It would be gorgeous on you as well. It's one of the best matte blushes I've ever used. You'll love it.

@Make Up Artist Jessica

Thank you! 🙂

@Lily Seymour

You are very welcome! Thanks for explaining what happened with Rock and Republic. I can't wait to see what else you have to post about Fashion Fair.
Even though I'm not young, (I'm 32 ha ha) I truly appreciate you connecting with me. I too want to age gracefully. 😉


No problem. This was my first Cargo product so I was a bit late on it as well. I'm super impressed so far. Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

@Aprill (notice I spelled your name right LOL! )

Thanks for stopping by. Which blush did you own?


Thank you! 🙂 I just checked out your blog and subbed. It's really nice and informative. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

that is gorgeous!! i've been wanting that blush too, i think now i'll have to get it. i just got into cargo blushes this summer…and i honestly think they are better than nars blushes!

You can get 20% off on the CARGO website if you subscribe for the first time! Shipping is free in Canada & US for orders over $50 too.


Thank you so much! I appreciate you checking out my blog and taking time to comment. I think you should truly try it. What other blushes do you have by Cargo. I know that I'll be expanding my kit with them after using Laguna. I'm thoroughly impressed.

@ Humara Kausar

I'm so honored that you viewed my post. You all make amazing products. I will continue to spread the word. Thanks!!! 😀

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