Mar 102012

In this post I’ll be focussing on MAC Mineralize eyeshadow duo Sea and Sky.  I’ll compare it to Blue Flame and She Who Dares.  Feel free to check out my previous posts Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up with this series. :-)

Above from Left to Right:  Blue Flame, She Who Dares, and Sea and Sky

From left to right:  Sea and Sky (dark blue side), Blue Flame, and She Who Dares.  There’s no comparison.  Sea and Sky is nothing like the others. The texture, the pigment, and the payoff is better than the other two.

Here’s Sea and Sky by itself below.  It’s such a beautiful combo.  By the way, these swatches were done dry.

In the latest MAC Collection Chen Man, there’s a similar mineralize duo called Love Cycle.  I don’t own it so I can’t do a true comparison on here for you. Sorry.  I will say that I’ve played with Love Cycle at the counter and I really don’t see much of a difference.

Mar 082012

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Mar 082012

In part 1 of my MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows series I mentioned the Venomous Villains collection.  It was released in the Fall of 2010.  There were two eyeshadows with Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty that were really pretty.

On the left is My Dark Magic and on the right is She Who Dares.  I received She Who Dares in gratis and unfortunately they didn’t give employees the products with the pretty packaging. :-(

My Dark MagicI was able to isolate 4 different colors from this shadow. :-) Below are My Dark Magic (on the left) and Young Punk (on the right).  Still can’t believe my shadow is broken. :-(  At least I can still use it.  I hate that I dropped it.

In the above picture Young Punk is the swatch on the left and My Dark Magic is the swatch on the right

She Who Dares  Note the “Not For Sale” message right on top. Ha ha! :-) Here’s what the green part looks like

Below I have swatches of both She Who Dares and Blue Flame to compare.  On the left is Blue Flame and on the right is She Who Dares (Blue side).

They’re not exactly the same.  The payoff of Blue Flame is a lot better than She Who Dares.

Even though I liked the Venomous Villains Mineralized eyeshadows, I noticed some differences between them and the Style Black Mineralized eyeshadows.  It appears that after use, the colors of the Venomous Villains shadows aren’t as vibrant as the other mineralize shadows from the Style Black Collection.  I also noticed that the Venomous Villains eyeshadows weren’t as pigmented and had more fall out when applied.  I’m still happy I bought My Dark Magic though.

Mar 072012


I received a sample of Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask when I attended the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers meet up event at Addison Shoe Boutique in Memorial City Mall.  Lush was one of the sponsors for the night.

Here’s what it looks like below

Below is the bottom of the container.  It has a list of ingredients as well as who prepared the mask and the expiration date.  Pretty cool…literally.

Because it’s freshly made with natural ingredients, it has to be refrigerated.  I have to admit that it felt weird applying and wearing a cold mask.  All of the other masks I’ve used have either been room temperature or heat activated.

I’ve used it three times and I like how my skin feels afterwards.  I also like that there’s no menthol or any other ingredients that would cause a burning, tingling, cooling sensation.  I remember the representative saying this mask was really good for combination skin with occasional break outs.  My first though was “oh no this isn’t for me then”.  There’s nothing combination about my skin.  It’s straight OILY. :-( Unfortunately, this was the last sample she had left so I tried it anyway.

When I purchase masks, I’m looking for them to declog my pores and help me to stay more matte.  This mask made my face feel clean and smooth so I believe it declogged my pores, but it didn’t help with the oiliness.  For this reason, I wouldn’t buy it, however, I will finish the rest of it.

Do you include masks as a part of your skin care routine? If so, which ones do you use?


Mar 062012

Top Row from left to right: Sea and Sky, Devil May Care (I received in Gratis), My Dark Magic, She Who Dares (I received in Gratis), Bottom row from left to right:  Young Punk, Gilt By Association, Blue flame, and Cinderfella. (I received one of these in Gratis but can’t remember which one. LOL! :-))

From left to right: Young Punk, Gilt By Association, Blue Flame, and Cinderfella

I was ecstaticed to find out that MAC relaunched their Mineralize Eyeshadows with their latest  Mineralize Perfectly Finished Collection.  Some of these shadows first appeared with the Style Black Collection for Fall 2009. Back then I remember thinking “OMG these are the most amazing shadows ever!”.  I received one of them in gratis so I quickly went out to purchase the other 3.  Even though MAC already had other Mineralize eyeshadows, these were very different.  See below:

Top left is Young Punk.  Top right is Gilt By Association.  Bottom left is Blue Flame.  Bottom right is Cinderfella

Blue Flame

Young Punk is my favorite and of course with my luck, it would be the one that I dropped and broke. :-(  I may purchase another one but for now,  I can still work with it.  

Gilt By Association


They added a new one this time around called Smutty Green.  It’s just as beautiful as the others.

I don’t own this one so I don’t have a real picture to show you.  I will say that the above picture from does the actual shadow no justice at all.  It’s a very vibrant green.  It reminds me a bit of the green side of  She Who Dares.  See below:

This shadow was part of the MAC Venomous Villains Collection in the Fall of 2010.  It was included with Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty.


Do you have any MAC Mineralized eyeshadows?  If so, which one is your favorite?

Mar 052012

My fellow Houston Bloggers and I attended a Meetup event sponsored by Addison Shoe Boutique, Langford Market & Wish Boutique, and Lush Cosmetics in Memorial City Mall on 2/26/12.

The staff supplied cute light refreshments.  Banana cupcakes and champagne. :-)

These accessories are from Langford Market and Wish Boutique which is located next door to Addison in Memorial City Mall.

This rack of clothing was also from Langford Market and Wish boutique.  They had great pieces to choose from.

We were allowed to put together an ensemble that reflected our own style.
Below is what I came up with

These shoes (from Addison) are Fabulous.

 The heels are just too high for me.  They come in another color as well.

Don’t you just love the lips! I guess it’s the make up artist in me that was so drawn to them. Ha ha! :-)

Here are my fellow Houston Bloggers checking out the products.

Below are pictures of other items in the store

The quality and details of these shoes are outstanding.

It was a great meet up.  Shout out to Shalanda of for organizing another super event for the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. :-)